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D!Sousuke x M!Reader x Son!Haru - (Water) Surprise
“Haru, Sousuke! Breakfast is ready!”
Your voice rang throughout the house, followed by two sets of footsteps rushing down the stairs. Haru rushed in first, sitting in his chair and picking up his special dolphin chopsticks to eat his meal. Sousuke followed soon after, muttering a ‘good morning’ before making a fresh batch of coffee.
“What’s got you so ruffled up? It’s not even 10.” You teased, earning you an unamused look from your husband. “Work. It’s always work,” Sousuke sighed. He’d been working overtime for the past few days as there was so much paperwork to take care of. Not to mention the numerous cases involving a suspected “bird-man” that had been popping out of nowhere. The joys of being a police officer, he assumed.
“Ah. Well,” you leaned close to whisper in Sousuke’s ear, “I have a surprise later, so could you come home early today? It’s very important.” S
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Dad!Sousuke x Mom!Reader - To New Beginnings
”The roads are absolutely horrible out there, folks! Stay indoors if you can, it’s looking to be one frigid New Yea-”
Sousuke shut off the radio and collected the papers scattered on his desk. He didn’t understand why his boss had him working today, of all days. It was the last day of the year for goodness’ sake.
“S-senpai!” Sousuke looked up to see the newbie in training peeking out from the door. Shooting a bored look at him, Sousuke sighed. “What do you want?” Nitori hesitantly walked in, obviously intimidated by the teal-eyed officer. “T-there’s a call for you on line 1; it seems very u-urgent!” Sousuke stood up and started to put on his coat. “Leave it, it’s probably the boss.” The silver-haired man shook his head, “It sounded like a child’s voice, senpai!”
‘A child’s voice?’ Sousuke wondered who it could be. Waving Nitori out of
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Dad!Kaze x Mom!Reader - Midori
Kaze wasn't known to be a very emotional person. At least, not in front of everyone in the army. Behind the scenes, however, with his beloved (Name), he became a totally different person. Especially when he discovered that his wife was bearing his child.
"Are you alright, my love? Is something wrong? Do you need anything?" His constant questioning, albeit sweet at first, became quite annoying over the duration of your pregnancy. Never had you seen someone worry so much over getting dressed, and you hadn't even grown much at the time!
Right from the day you announced your pregnancy, Kaze had been completely against you participating in battle. After all, he said, the battleground is no place for someone in your condition! A few hours of lecturing and assuring him that you were fine later, he had (begrudgingly) complied to let you battle until you were unable to fit into your armour.
That time came faster than you had expected, but as promised, you stayed back at the castle
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{Departure} Dad!Ryoma x Mom!Reader - Disappearance
“Ryoma!” The high prince of Hoshido looked up from his desk to find you, his wife, with a small bundle in your arms. “Do you mind taking care of Shiro for a while? Jakob said they needed me in the plaza to make some final arrangements…” Standing up from his chair, he gestured for you to pass him his son. “Thank you! I’ll send someone to come get you when we’re ready.” You left promptly, leaving the two alone.
☆ ☆ ☆
Ryoma tore the nursery apart in search of his infant son. He had only turned around for a minute, and all of a sudden, he disappeared from his crib! (Name) was going to kill him if she learned of the disappearance of her child, especially on the day they were going to take him to the Deeprealms.
After having finished searching the room and coming up with no baby, Ryoma decided to call upon his last resorts: Saizo and Kagero.
“Are you serious, milord?” Kagero deadpa
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{Office!AU} Takao Kazunari x Reader - Crazy Today
"Ah! I'm so sorry!"
You had been uttering those words all morning long as you were hurriedly rushing to your new workplace. It was your first day after all; you couldn't show up late!
This morning had been absolutely terrible for you so far: waking up an hour late because your charging cord had somehow gotten unplugged during the night and your phone's battery died, missing the train so you had to wait 20 more minutes for the next one, and to top it all off, the person sitting next to you on the train had spilt some of their coffee on your outfit by accident. Today was just not your day.
After sprinting for the past block or two, you finally arrived in front of the office building. Looking at your watch, you saw that it was only 8. 'Thank goodness, I thought I was going to be late!' You sighed as you walked through the sliding doors.
☆ ☆ ☆
"Ne, Shin-chan? Don't you think she would be a good one? She's even a Cancer, just like you!" The black-haired man q
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{TYL Series!} Dad!Mayuzumi x Mom!Reader
“I love you too… Chihiro.
It was unexpected to most; some couldn’t come to believe it. When had Mayuzumi Chihiro been known as a loving father, let alone a caring person?
Mayuzumi didn’t care much for the company of others, however he made one exception: you. No one knew why he let you in that bubble of his, but it made his teammates happy to know that he had someone. You had your own unique personality that could make anyone smile, even the silver-haired teen, although he didn’t show it as much. So it wasn’t much surprise to anyone when you started dating after high school. You had even gotten married a few years later, and had a child. But still, others couldn’t believe that someone who was so… self-centered could turn into a compassionate father.
Well, you said, maybe not the most compassionate father.
“Let me see. Maybe he needs to be changed.” As he picked up his child and
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{TYL Series!} Dad!Imayoshi x Mom!Reader
I love you too… Shōichi.
“Ah~ I was wondering why you suddenly left my side.” Your husband’s voice chimed in the air. You gave a small smile. “(C/n) needed me, and my duty as a mother tells me I need to-“ He pecked you on the lips. “Yeah, yeah, but it’s also your duty to keep me warm as well, isn’t it?” One of his signature grins formed on his face. You felt a blush creep on your face. “W-well, I suppose so, b-but-“ “Haha, (Name)-chan~ You’ve always been easy to tease.” He chuckled at your flustered expression. “But then again, it’s one of your… endearing qualities.” He then bent down a bit to pick up his child. “I bet you’re just lonely, right?” He asked, only to have (C/n) stare at him in confusion before clutching their hands around their father’s shirt.
During the whole exchange between the father and child
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{TYL Series!} Dad!Kasamatsu x Mom!Reader
I love you too… Yukio.
As if on cue, your child started squirming around in the crib once again. You were about to pick up the fussy baby but your husband surprisingly stopped you.
“I-I’ll do it. You need to sleep.” A faint blush was evident on his cheeks, something that happened every time you made a small gesture of affection. “You sure? He’s quite a handful…” Kasamatsu waved you off, picking up his son to hold him. “I’ll be fine. He’ll be asleep in no time.” He quickly shooed you out of the room, muttering something under his breath about girls needing their beauty sleep.
“Gosh Yukio, I didn’t know you were such an expert on that kind of stuff!” You teased, earning an even more flustered husband. “S-shut up… Go back to sleep!” He whisper-yelled in fear of upsetting his restless son even more. “Alright then~ By the way, you might want to hold h
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Dad!Sousuke x Mom!Reader x Son!Haru - Bunny
“Tomorrow in Iwatobi, it’s going to be one beautiful Easter day, so be sure to-”
Switching off the radio, Sousuke clicked his tongue in annoyance. He totally forgot about the holiday since he had been so immersed in his work the past few weeks. Deciding to swing by the supermarket, he sent a quick message to you, saying he’d be a bit late coming home.
Arriving at the store, he stared at the shelves full of delicious Easter goodies. Debating whether he should buy a chocolate bunny or a bunch of chocolate eggs, he finally decided on both. After all, Haru wasn’t the only one that liked sweets… He headed to the checkout with his items, but as he was standing in line browsing the stuffed rabbit dolls, he heard a rather annoying voice coming closer. It was none other than his former boss, Mikoshiba Seijuro.
“Yamazaki?! What are you doing here, bud?” The loud, cheerful man hit him playfully on the back, just as he used to do to Sousuke so
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{Departure} Dad!Takumi x Mom!Reader - Strong
Gazing at his newborn son in his arms, Takumi wasn’t sure what to do. He had talked it over with you and the others long ago, but now, he didn’t think he could do it. Was it really the wisest choice to send his child to the Deeprealms, where strangers would raise him? Time was different there; he wouldn’t get to see Kiragi grow. Just thinking about it gave him chills. Sure, it might be safer instead of travelling in a group that could be ambushed at any moment, but what if the Faceless had gotten to his Deeprealm? There would be no way for them to protect Kiragi. He would be dead before they could reach him.
“Prince Takumi?” Jakob’s voice interrupted his thoughts. “We are almost ready for the young prince’s departure.” The ponytailed-prince nodded. The child in his arms seemed unaffected by the events happening around him, sleeping soundly. “Takumi!” Your voice reached his ears. You walked towards him, a sad smile on you
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Jakob x Reader - A Splash of Tea
Today was a rather sunny day in the kingdom of Nohr. Well, if you count grey skies as sunny. ‘At least it’s not raining,’ Jakob mused. You absolutely detested the dreary weather, as you said it made you feel even more trapped in the tower. The silver-haired butler continued to walk down the long, dimly lit hallway holding the tray which held a pot of your favourite tea and a cup.
Finally arriving at your chambers, he raised a hand to knock, when suddenly, the door opened and a blur ran out and down the hall. He was so stunned he almost dropped the tea. Just who was that perpetrator?
Collecting himself, he walked carefully into the seemingly safe room. “Milady?” He walked in and saw the Nohrian princess seated at the edge of her bed, eyes sparkling as they noticed him. “Jakob! I’m so glad you’re here!” You smiled, looking completely unharmed. “Are you alright? I just saw a… Well, a blur, run from this room…
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Yamazaki Sousuke x Reader - From Me to You
A concert. That’s where you had to drag him this time. Especially on Valentine’s Day.
Sousuke glanced down at his watch, obviously not happy with your tardiness. He had been waiting outside your apartment for quite some time now, even though you had said five more minutes. It had to have been at least ten.
One more minute, then I’ll go in, he thought, hoping nothing bad had happened.
The minute passed, yet still no sign of you. Climbing the stairs and walking to the door, he rang the doorbell. “(Name), are you ready?” His voice had a tinge of impatience in it.
Surprisingly, the door opened within a few seconds, revealing a nicely dressed you. “Sorry, I was just finishing up your gift!” One of Sousuke’s eyebrows raised, “A gift?” You nodded, before winking and flashing a playful smile. “You’ll have to wait till after the concert though! Think of it as a reward of sorts, hm?” You started wa
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Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader - Breaking News
The person you are trying to reach is currently not available. After the beep, you will be charged wi-
Sighing, you placed the phone on its receiver. Why wasn’t he picking up? You glanced at the clock, noting the time was 9:45. He’s never this late coming home, you thought. Sipping at your mug of tea, you decided to wait until 10 and then try calling again.
Flipping the television on, you were greeted with the news station. Nothing out of the ordinary, really. A music group called “Galaxy Standard” was having a concert next month… Two brand-new swimmers joined the national team, claiming to “show them a sight they’d never seen before”… The Akashi Company declared as the richest company in Japan… Nothing you hadn’t seen before.
Ah, but here was something that did catch your eye.
Collision involving five cars, two people dead.
Was it possible that Kuroo was one of the
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{TYL Series!} Daddy!Himuro x Mommy!Reader
I love you too… Tatsuya.
Himuro smiled, before gesturing you to pass him the child you had in your arms. “You must be very tired, (Name)… Please let me do it this time.” You shook your head, even though the exhausted part of you was telling you to just go back to bed. “I’m a mother now, you know? I can’t just leave it all to you.” The black-haired man simply shook his head. “You’ve been getting up all this time, I’m starting to think you’re not getting any sleep. Let me take (C/n) this time; just this time, alright?” You sighed, knowing that he wasn’t going to give up any time soon, not with the sort of patience that could withstand even Murasakibara.
“Ok… But you have to hold him like this,” You handed him your child and positioned them correctly in his arms, “And if he starts crying, he probably wants food, in that case, jus-” Your husband put
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{TYL Series!} Daddy!Kagami x Mommy!Reader
I love you too… Taiga.
The basketball player blushed, turning the same dark shade of red as his hair. Even though you had said those five words on many different occasions, it never failed to succeed on turning him into a flustered mess.
Kagami Taiga was never one for reenacting lovey-dovey scenes. One time, you kissed him on the cheek at a club meeting at Maji Burger, and he wouldn’t stop stuttering for 15 minutes. Luckily, Kuroko gave him some milkshake to cool him down.
When your child was born however, that seemed to change. The first time he met them, he held them with such pride as a father, like a lion would with its cubs. His gaze then went soft, before kissing them on the forehead as if they were as delicate as a glass swan. No one had ever seen Kagami turn so peaceful and relaxed; everyone thought they had gone insane. But sure enough, he was back to his normal, loud and proud self in a flash, showing off his child to everyone he knew.
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{Throughout Your Life...} Daddy!Rin x Mommy!Reader
I love you too… Rin.
The shark-toothed father slowly took his child into his arms, rocking them back and forth gently. He wanted to spend every waking moment with his child, since he knew that before long, they would be all grown up, going out into the world to pursue their own dream.
Rin would never forget the day (C/n) was born. He just happened to be at a competition in Osaka, but as soon as he received a call from Sousuke informing him you had gone into labor, he dashed out of the stadium faster than Haru would when he saw water. He took the fastest train, almost getting run over by numerous cars when running to the train station. When he had finally arrived at the hospital, he had just missed the birth, but even so, he got to see you with his child held snug in your arms. Sousuke had been there the whole time, and he had been sure to be vigilant over you until Rin had come.
Because of that day, the day he was absolutely supposed to be there
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just read the best fanfic I've read in a while... and it was a dan and phil one👌🏻
Finished the k-drama "our gap soon" today after 61 eps, idk what to do w/ my life anymore ;w; 
Started yuri on ice today and can I just say minami kenjirō is my fav ٩( 'ω' )و
New drabble of dad!sousuke x mom!reader x son!haru out tmw or the next day! (๑>◡<๑)
fe heroes is basically an otome game w japanese seiyuus and honestly tatsu, hosoyan, AND zakki are all the main characters for the past THREE fe releases i'm crying next gotta be noriaki sugiyama pls ;w; 
Hi everyone! I am a dummy! 
As the title states, I'm doing a poll over on my Wattpad page for the next chapter of my Dad!Sousuke x Mom!Reader x Son!Haru series, Day by Day. If you have an account over there, and are interested in deciding the next chapter, please go + vote/comment on which topic you'd prefer! Whichever gets the most votes will become the next chapter La la la la 

The poll will close on February 28. I look forward to seeing what you choose!
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